Buying Tips

Renting Tips

Here's some information you will want to review before signing a lease.

  • Ask Questions
    You should require prospective renters to provide you with credit, employment and rental histories. You should also ask for personal references.
  • Ask Questions, Part 2
    Conduct an interview with potential renters. Get to know them by asking why they want to rent your property. You may discover benefits about your property that you are not aware of.
  • Make Your Property Special
    You'll need to compete with other landlords and management companies that offer wide-ranging specials and discounts. Survey other properties in your area and try to offer something of equal value, but more appealing to some renters. FREE PREMIUM CABLE FOR 1 YEAR may draw more attention than FIRST MONTH FREE RENT. Change your specials from time to time.
  • Verification Required
    Don’t accept anything at face value. Conduct credit checks and follow up on references. Talk to potential renters’ previous landlords.
  • Be Willing To Make A Deal
    Don’t dicker on price, but if your tenant wants to pay less, offer to reduce their monthly payment if they take care of the lawn or perform other services around the property.