Selling Tips

Renter Tips

Here’s a list of some basic rules of etiquette and common sense for renters wanting to make the most out of their property.

  • Know What You Want
    Make a list of the top 15 features you’re looking for in a rental unit. Then prioritize these features by importance to you. Be willing to sacrifice the bottom five features.
  • Be Flexible
    Landlords and management companies want to fill their vacancies quickly. Be ready to make a move as quickly as you can. This means you need to have a plan on leaving your current place and making arrangements to move within just a few weeks.
  • Be Prepared
    You will need to prepare your credit history, previous rental history, and provide references upon request. You may also be asked for proof that your salary is sufficient to pay for the apartment. In some areas of the country, prospective renters may be required to have an annual income of 40 to 50 times the monthly rent.
  • Research
    You should use every reference tool you can find to make sure you will be happy in your new place. Find out about the owner of your building….a quick search through your city or county’s website might be revealing. Look for citations from various building officials. Take some time to walk through the neighborhood and ask questions. If you are renting an apartment, take the opportunity to meet other renters and ask if they’re happy living there.
  • Do You Need A Fee-Based Service?
    If you are a first time renter, or are not familiar with the area, a fee-based service or broker may be a good idea. In addition to finding a place for you to live, they will also collect the paperwork needed to finalize the lease.