About Us

About SharpRent.com

Since 1949, Hy-Ko Products Company has been manufacturing ‘FOR SALE’ signs and has helped millions of people sell and rent their homes. Supplying over 25,000 of the world’s largest retailers across the United States, Canada and Mexico with a wide selection of innovative sign products, Hy-Ko is strengthening its customers’ ability to rent their homes and apartments by offering the strategic tie-in of its property-listing website, SharpRent.com to Hy-Ko’s high-impact, real estate signage.

The fully-patented SharpRent.com rental system provides customers with the opportunity to list apartments for rent on the Internet while using the powerful and proven ‘FOR RENT’ signs in their yards or windows to reach millions of potential buyers. SharpRent.com is the ideal place for owners to meet renters.

With SharpRent.com, Hy-Ko has positioned itself to become the 21st century solution for renting property using this fully-patented sign and internet program.